The Perfect Document and Case Management Software Package

Staying on top of your legal office’s docket can sometimes feel overwhelming, but when you find a company like Rocket Docket that provides legal software, you should enjoy the outcome. Click here for more details about what your services will include with a document and case management software package for your law firm. Keeping track [...]

What Is Responsive Web Design?

What Is Responsive Design

When people plan to create their own mobile apps, they must make a choice between a native app and a mobile website. But recently, responsive web design has come to the forefront as a third alternative to optimize websites for any device. Especially for smaller budgets, responsive design is touted as the ideal starting place. [...]

Is Your Small Business Hung Up on Being Average?

Is Your Small Business Hung Up on Being Average

As a small business owner, what keeps you awake at night? Are you worried about being able to provide affordable healthcare for your employees? What about hiring the right people? Do you make sure that deduct each and every legal tax expense available to you? These are but a few of the dozens and dozens [...]

Comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets

There are many factors to consider when comparing gaming between smartphones and tablets. First of all there are the obvious ones concerning the size and convenience of the devices. Whether you prefer to play console type immersive games, downloaded apps or online casino games such as slots for real money at sites like , [...]

Android Phone Spy to Monitor from a Remote Location

android monitoring

One of the essential tools to monitor a gadget is an Android phone spy (if the OS is Android). The need arises when one has to look for spy apps to check what children are doing. Concerned employers also need to have a check on their employees. With so many spy apps across the internet, finding the [...]

Samsung Galaxy Trend & Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Features & Review

Samsung Galaxy Trend

Adding to its already star studded repertoire of smartphones, ranging from low level affordable ones to high priced feature rich devices, Samsung has announced the launch of two more of its budget Android smartphones, namely the Galaxy Trend and Galaxy Star Pro. Talking about the features, the Samsung Galaxy Trend sports a 4 inch WVGA [...]

Twitter Announces Android Tablet Optimized App

Twitter for Android Tablet

There has been a barrage of apps from most of the major websites, right from news to entertainment to sports. But so far Twitter didn’t have a fully optimized Android app on the market! Hard to believe, right? Well for all you Twitter fans out there, there is good news in the offing. Twitter has [...]

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 – Specs, Features & Review


There has been a constant barrage of quality smartphones this year, with each smartphone manufacturer trying its best to leave its competitors behind by offering a swankier version of their previous models. Same has been the case with Samsung, with the smartphone giant launching improved successors to their previously successful models, mostly the Galaxy series [...]

Micromax Canvas A115 3D Features & Review

canvas a115

The rising Indian smartphone manufacturer, Micromax has again stepped on the gas by coming up with yet another 3D phone after its highly successful Micromax Canavs A16 HD which saw spectacular response from the public. Known as the Canvas A115 3D, this smartphone runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and boasts a 5-inch touchscreen display. [...]

Vertu TI: World’s Most Expensive Luxury Smartphone

Vertu TI

Vertu has been known to manufacture expensive phones that catch the eye of the consumers with sensational designs but exorbitant prices, which is justified as they are labeling them as luxurious phones, meant for the high-end consumers who don’t mind spending a fortune to own a phone as uber luxurious as this to be their status symbol. Vertu [...]