Android Phone Spy to Monitor from a Remote Location

One of the essential tools to monitor a gadget is an Android phone spy (if the OS is Android). The need arises when one has to look for spy apps to check what children are doing. Concerned employers also need to have a check on their employees. With so many spy apps across the internet, finding the best one can be a little tough. StealthGenie is one such app that can cater to so many people who have this worry.

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StealthGenie’s Edge

With StealthGenie Android phone spy it is easy to monitor a cell phone without much to do. This way one can easily keep a check on the children, or employees. StealthGenie is a complete fully featured spy app with access to location (Geo-tracking, Geo-fencing), SMS/e-mails/IMs and an option to record the live surroundings. One can lock and remotely control the phone as well.

The good thing about StealthGenie is its working in stealth mode. No one gets to know when he is being checked by someone over a control panel. It is simple. The battery consumption is minimal and hence monitoring an Android phone spy like this is no big deal.

How to use it

StealthGenie is very easy to run. One has to purchase an application first, then install by (easy to do) URL from StealthGenie’s website. After that the application is activated through a code sent to the customer in an e-mail from the StealthGenie’s customer support. Once done it is easy to monitor anyone from anywhere.


The compatibility of StealthGenie is with all versions of Android from 2.1 onwards. So there is no need to worry if you have an Android Éclair or a Jelly Bean or a Ginger-Bread in your target phone. It’s the app that works in all of these.


Using StealthGenie from a control panel has made it easily the best app. A phone spy for whom one does not have to go check the mobile again once app is activated really frees everyone from worries.

StealthGenie covers almost all what is needed to make a phone checked and monitored all the time. An Android phone spy like this is definitely needed to get the best check on a target device. It is simple, reliable and has efficient customer response team available all the time.


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